BPsecurity Escort


BP Security Escort is a provider of integrated security services, excelling on the profile market due to its seriousness, experience in the organization, coordination and deployment of guard and security services. We have been present on the security services market since 1991, the period in which we gained valuable experience in the field and continuously improved our services according to the requirements, thus reaching a standard of excellence.
In the current context, security and protection must be permanent concerns both personally and in business. Together with the management team, we focus on innovation, performance and personalized services for our clients. We want to promote services accessible to any client, because security is no longer a luxury necessity, but a pressing one.

To offer innovative security solutions to help our clients prevent the loss of lives, goods and other valuable assets.

We put clients first, we focus on integrated security solutions, understanding that we must offer a range of security products and services that satisfy your needs.



We offer clients security and protection services with personnel selected, trained, tested and guided by professionals, at the highest standards.
The agents are specially prepared from a psychological point of view, trained and equipped according to law 333/2003 and are able to ensure any objective in conditions of safety, discretion and fairness.
The intervention in case of alarm will be done in the shortest possible time and in accordance with the legislation in force.


We provide the design and installation of video surveillance systems, access control, intercom systems, anti-burglary and anti-fire systems, automation according to the specifics of the objective and the activity carried out.
The implementation of an optimal security system requires a rigorous analysis of the elements and conditions that influence the security status of the target, more precisely the analysis of security needs, vulnerabilities and risks to which the target is subject.


We offer security consulting services.
Consulting in the field of security aims to optimize the guarding and protection services of an objective.


We provide security system monitoring services locally or remotely from our dispatch center.
Monitoring can also be done by a security guard employed at your objective.


We offer basic first aid courses, fire protection training, training for using and rescuing people from elevators, etc.


The maintenance service of the installed systems will give you a high degree of comfort, knowing that in case of an unpleasant event, our technicians will fix the problem in the shortest possible time.
We provide warranty and post-warranty services for equipment within the security systems installed by our company. In most cases, the equipment is changed on the spot, so that there are no security gaps in your system.


BP Security Escort means Integrated Management,
having the following certifications:

  • Quality management system certification - ISO 9001 standard
  • Certification of the environmental protection management system according to the ISO 14001 standard
  • OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certification
  • SMSI ISO 27001 | certification Information security Information Security Management Systems